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Where does the money go?

The PTA raises funds for a variety of needs throughout the school and a few district-wide programs that benefit our community.

By becoming a MEMBER of the PTA, you can vote on how the PTA decides to use the money to support our children.  Here is a snapshot of what the PTA is raising funds for this year:

PTA Programs/Projects:

Playworks TeamUp - The Playworks TeamUp service partners with elementary schools by providing an on-site coordinator to teach, model, and empower a sustainable recess program. A fusion of Playworks Coach and Playworks Pro, TeamUp provides a single site coordinator to four partner schools. The site coordinator spends a week each month at each school leading, supporting, and empowering the recess team—including a lead recess coach—to create a safe, inclusive playground for all students. 

Budget: $11,000


Classroom Support - PPS provides some funds for classroom purchases, but teachers routinely spend their own money to purchase additional items. This fund allows teachers additional money for regular classroom purchases not covered by the supplies purchase that the school makes.

Budget $4000


Supplemental Technology Fund - This funds technology support throughout the school. The school has flexibility to determine what is needed, from hardware to software and infrastructure, to meet the demands of the school.

Budget: $5000


Proposed Class Projects - Each year teachers get to apply for funding a special classroom project. The projects are as diverse as the classrooms--science, art, literacy, games, etc.

Budget: $2000


5th Grade Camp Transport - Lewis has a tradition of sending fifth graders to an overnight science camp. The fifth grade families raise funds for the camp, while the PTA raises funds for transportation. Funds raised at the Lonesome Teacher Trio Dance, with music by current music teacher Tony Jamesbarry, former teacher Paul Colvin, and some of their friends, is the main source of income for this line item.

Budget: $800


Portland and State PTA donations - The Portland Council PTA runs two programs that the Lewis PTA donates money to.

  1. The PTA Clothing Center provides free clothing to students who qualify. Located at the Marshall HS Campus, the PTA clothing center has been assisting PPS students in need since 1964.

  2. The Student Aid Fund was established in 1923 to give temporary financial assistance to students of PPS. The fund may be used for shoes, eye exams/glasses, necessary class fees and or materials (not tuition) or an emergency bus pass (once per year) and other special needs.

Budget: $500


Student  Enrichment Scholarships - Families can request assistance with fees for after-school enrichment activities that take place at Lewis, such as Spanish classes or Robotics.

Budget - $800 

Field Trip Scholarships - Families who are unable to pay for scholarships request funding help through their teacher. The school has a fund made up of money donated by Lewis families that covers part of the need, and the PTA funds the rest. This allows all students to have the same opportunities in their classrooms.

Budget: $300


Library Support - Library staff request funds for books or other library needs that exceed the budget provided by PPS.

Budget: $500


Safety Patrol - Fifth grade students provide safe passage of families at crosswalks adjacent to the school. The PTA provides funds for supplies and a little fun at the end of the year.

Budget: $400


Walk & Roll Support - The first Friday of every month starts with a Walk & Roll celebration on the playground. If your child got to school by any means other than car they can enjoy a treat before school.

Budget: $100


Emergency Preparedness - Each classroom has an emergency preparedness kit provided by the PTA. We’re slowly growing a supply of other items needed in case the school is in a position to need to care for students in an emergency situation.

Budget: $200


Lewis Learning Garden - One of the pieces of Lewis that is so special, the Learning Garden was first started in 1977 and revitalized in 2005. Staff take students to the garden for a variety of lessons, including math, science, and art.

Budget: $500

School Lunch Debt - At the end of each academic year there are some families who have not been able to pay their lunch debt.  The PTA provides funds to cover this expense.

Budget: $800

PTA Events/Supported Events:

Movie Night - One (and maybe two??) nights per academic year we bring together the Lewis Community for a fun FREE movie night.  

Budget: $600

Sciencepalooza - A new event this year (2018/2019) - promises to be a Lewis Family STEAM night (Science Technology Engineering ARTS and Math).

Budget: $500

Kindergarten Round-Up/Social - Lewis PTA welcomes new families to Lewis

Budget: $100

PTA Family Dances - A few times a year we shake a tail feather!

Budget: $1000

Community Day Social - An opportunitiy for volunteers to spruce up Lewis!

Budget: $400

Administration Assistant Week and Teacher Appreciation Days - Lewis PTA values their staff!

Budget: $325

Fall Conferences - Teachers work hard to prepare and then meet with their kids' families to discuss their progress.  PTA supports these teachers with healthy snacks.

Budget: $200

After School Fun - Lewis PTA hosts multiple after school events

Budget: $400

Field Day - Lewis PTA supports this annual tradition for our kids to get outside and compete!

Budget: $150

End of year Picnic - Every year Lewis says goodbye for the summer, grilling out, playing hula hoop contests and other games.  

Budget: $100

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