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Come volunteer!

Let's make a difference, together. Have fun and meet new people along the way.

Please sign up for any upcoming events at the Lewis school office, and be on the lookout for signups in your email and more information in the school newsletter.

We would love to have your help and participation with our wonderful community! You can contact our PTA Vice President with your interests and talents or call the school office at 503.916.6360 for more information and to get a volunteer form.


You do not need to be a PTA member to volunteer with us.


We will need volunteers for the following activities during the school year:


  • T-shirts

  • Holiday Bazaar and tree sale

  • PTA Clothing closet

  • Family dances

  • Movie night

  • Plant Sale

  • Staff Appreciation

  • Sciencepalooza

  • Bottle Drop

  • Walk and Bike

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