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We are happy to announce that all of our vendor booths (Vendor and Parent /Student Booths) are full


We are not accepting any additional applications.

Thank you to all for your support!


Click here to submit a vendor application online.

Click here for a printable vendor application.

Space is limited and we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!


Questions may be emailed to


Application and Payment Deadline: November 12th, 2018

Booth Fee: $55, due by November 12th, 2018

Current vendor list: coming soon.

- Who can be a vendor at the holiday Bazaar?

We welcome all local artisans to our bazaar! All goods must be handmade, sorry no direct sales or MLMs. This is a community and family event so all goods must be appropriate to all ages. Sorry, alcohol sales are not permitted.

- How much does it cost?

​One booth costs $55. You may request 2 booths side by side for more space. We only take booth fees; all sales go to you!

- What are the details on setup?

Booth spaces are 6’x6’. Vendors must provide their own display, tables and chairs. We do not have the ability to hang items on walls, so please make accommodations with your display. We will not be providing a central cashier so vendors must stay with their booths. We do provide tokens that are the same as cash, with a check or cash to be issued at the end of the event. Space is limited and we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

- Are outlets available?

Outlets are available – we have a limited number, so first-requested, first-served.

- Is there WiFi?


- How do you advertise the Bazaar?

At least one month before the event we advertise in the Bee (local SE newspaper), the Oregonian, NextDoor, Facebook, and Twitter, and we continue to blast on social media up to the event. We provide our vendors an online announcement to share through their social media. We offer our vendors postcard announcements to hand out at other craft fairs or their businesses. We put posters up throughout the Woodstock neighborhood. Every vendor who confirms their spot (via payment) is publicly thanked on the Holiday Bazaar Facebook account with a link to their website (if available). If you have other recommendations for advertising, we would love to hear them!

- How many people attend the Bazaar?

Because this is a free event for all attendees, we have no idea how many people come. We do know that this event has been going strong for at least 10 years, and that many of our artisans come year after year. We hope that you will join this fun tradition!

- Your question not here?

Contact for any additional questions!

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