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Pamela Kennedy

Kindergarten Rm 4

Hobbies: Gardening; walking; reading; illustrating; vegetarian cooking; recreational time with my husband

Favorite Restaurants: Grand Central Baking~Pizza Roma

Favorite Stores: Goodwill~TJ Maxx

Favorite Gift Cards: Goodwill~TJ Maxx

Favorite Coffee Shop & Order: I like tea from home.

Favorite Snacks: Blueberries; stove top popcorn with olive oil & nutritional yeast; extra toasty homemade granola; natural peanut butter & honeycrisp apples

Favorite Beverages (regular and adult): Mint, mango & peach teas, all unsweetened; Watermelon mint Smart Water

Allergies/Dislikes: Any meat product; licorice or anise flavor; celery!

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