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Kori Bass

Fourth Grade Rm 22

Hobbies: Reading, playing games, gluten free baking, travel, collecting plants, doing art

Favorite Restaurants: Jade, Teote, Bamboo Sushi, Bottleshop

Favorite Stores: New Seasons, Trader Joes, REI, Michaels, Collage

Favorite Gift Cards: Trader Joes, Michaels, Wallace Books, Powells, Portland Nursery, any coffee shops

Favorite Coffee Shop & Order: Papaccinos- Mexican Mocha

Favorite Snacks: chai tea, margaritas, red wine or bubbly rose

Favorite Beverages (regular and adult): red wine, hard cider, ginger ale

Allergies/Dislikes: I am gluten free. Not a big fan of raw onion.

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