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Raffle - tell your friends!

Here's a great way you can help Lewis kids - but we need you to move a little fast.

What you can do is this: make a post on Facebook or Twitter, asking all your connected people to consider buying Raffle tickets.

It just takes a few minutes, and the more that we as a community can throw in a little time on this, the more we can all be helping our kids and our school!

Here's one that I made on Facebook:

And then I just added a few comments underneath:

It's that easy!

Here's that exact text, if you want to just copy it all into a new Facebook post or Twitter Tweet:


Hey friends - can I ask you to help our elementary school, and enter a raffle to win 4 Disney tickets?


The Lewis Holiday Bazaar & Tree Sale is this weekend, and we are holding a raffle to win the tickets:

(For that one, you might want to back out the underlined link to the Bazaar, and start typing this:   @lewis    and if you are following that page, it should show up as a choice.)


If you don't live in Portland you can still buy online with PayPal, and you don't need to be present at the Bazaar to win! Please consider buying one or a few tickets, and help our school!



Also - please feel free to repost this!

That's it! Just a few minutes, and you could really help spread the word, from our Lewis community, into your other friend and family communities!



Please consider taking a few minutes to do this! THANK YOU!!! 

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