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Cyndi Redmond

Third/Fourth Grade Rm 17

Hobbies: reading, running/walking, watching soccer, hanging out with my family

Favorite Restaurants: El Gallo, Bai Mint, Cafe Yumm, Laughing Planet

Favorite Stores: Powell's, Wallace Books, New Seasons, Lululemon

Favorite Gift Cards: local restaurants and stores

Favorite Coffee Shop & Order: Papaccino's or Grand Central - vanilla latte (iced or hot depending on the weather)

Favorite Snacks: Toasted Ritz, Hot Tamales, caramel, pistachios

Favorite Beverages (regular and adult): iced tea, lemon drops, hard cider

Allergies/Dislikes: No allergies, but I'm a vegetarian. Not really a wine drinker

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