Nancy Smith

School Secretary

Hobbies: gardening, cooking, hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, running
Favorite store(s): Portland Nursery, Trader Joe's Bi-Mart, New Seasons, Wallace Books
Favorite restaurant(s): Ava Gene's, Reverend's, El Gallo, Grand Central (ocassionally), New Cascadia Traditional (gluten-free bakery)
Favorite lunch from your favorite restaurant: tacos from El Gallo, thai food, mexican
Regular beverage: coffee with dairy free cream, oat milk or almond milk latte, bubble water
Adult beverage: wine, beer, cider
Favorite dessert: any kind of gluten free/dairy free treat! anything with lemon or chocolate
Snacks: nuts, popcorn, tortilla chips, apples, dried fruit
Likes: flowers, sunshine, walks, good cup of black tea
Allergies/Dislikes: gluten/dairy sensitive
Where is your getaway: any hiking trail I can find, mountains, coast, high desert