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Kylea Sundberg

School Counselor Rm 34

Hobbies: jigsaw puzzles, birdwatching, "merge" games (I.E. Merge Dragons,) Pokeman & Pokemon Go
Favorite store(s): Springbok-puzzles, New Seasons
Favorite restaurant(s): I don't currently dine in, but any family owned restaurant that I can pick up from.
Favorite lunch from your favorite restaurant: all sandwiches
Regular beverage: malbec / iced americano / chai
Adult beverage: red wine - or any color :)
Favorite dessert: chocolate mousse, dark chocolate
Snacks: parm crisps, hummus, cheese
Likes: classic artists: Monet, Seurat*, Van Gogh
Where is your getaway: of recent - Cascade Locks Best Western Plus.

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