Becky Alvstad

Learning Center Rm 15

Hobbies: making crafts, baking, organizing things, spending time (watching movie/game nights) with family, hiking & biking
Favorite store(s): New Seasons, Target, Marshalls :) & Amazon
Favorite restaurant(s): Porque No, Jake Tea House, Master Kong
Favorite lunch from your favorite restaurant: Brian's Bowl w/ pollo asado @ Por Que No
Regular beverage: (peach green) iced tea, polar bubbly water, horchata
Adult beverage: wine or whiskey :)
Favorite dessert: chocolate & cookies
Snacks: chips & dips, nuts, popcorn, fruits
Likes: sweet and/or salty :)
Allergies/Dislikes: Lavender
Where is your getaway: a river, the ocean, a yummy place to eat. :)


4401 SE Evergreen Street 

Portland, OR 97206
Ph (503) 916-6360

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