Angela Wood

ParaEducator Rm 15

Hobbies: reading, gardening, fibercrafts, bikes, wandering around the Art Museum, swimming
Favorite store(s): Powells, Target, I've Been Framed
Favorite restaurant(s): Dicks, Double Mtn, Pho Hung, Tecos, Tom Yum
Favorite lunch from your favorite restaurant: #46 (lemongrass chicken) from Tom Yum, Primal Burger (add pimento cheese) from Dick's
Regular beverage: Coffee, Black, (but only before noon)
Adult beverage: Wine, Cider (dry,) Scotch
Favorite dessert: fruit, shortbread cookies, gummy candy
Snacks: fruit, nuts, cheese, salty stuff
Likes: orange & chocolate together, fancy salt, natural history, vintage clocks
Allergies/Dislikes: mint & chocolate together, chamomile, heavy floral scents
Where is your getaway: 50/50 Coast/Gorge


4401 SE Evergreen Street 

Portland, OR 97206
Ph (503) 916-6360

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